Kill La Kill Review


Kill La Kill Review

Kill La Kill started out as just a simple girl trying to avenge her father and at the end was about that same girl saving the world from clothing. It obviously was quite a journey to totally change the point of the story and the motivation of the main character. It did not always make sense, but it was not meant to.

Kill La Kill Ryuko and Mako go to school

Kill La Kill shows a lot of influence from Go Nagai and that is the best part of the show. The backstory for Ryuko is very similar to the backstory for Cutie Honey. Also the style of the comedy is very similar to Go Nagai shows. Also the casual use of nudity is something that is in many Go Nagai shows. Luckily Kill la Kill did not have an annoying little kid like many Go Nagai shows. Mako’s little brother was not too bad.

Kill La Kill Mako fights Ryuko

Kill La Kill was larger than life the whole way through the series, but the second half of the series when the war on clothing started was too much for many. The story strayed from the original purpose as it was revealed that there was more going on than just the death of Ryuko’s dad. Clothing being the enemy eventually lead to people fused with threads. Then suddenly the villains were related to the heroes. While the change in the tone and story of the show upset some it was not out of line. The show had been all over the place and had weird twists before. In a world where clothing ups the strength of the wearer and transforms is the rest of this stuff that far off? This world was never normal.

Kill La Kill car

The ending for the show was the perfect way to wrap up the series. While it was sad to see Senketsu go there was no place for a life fiber outfit in the new world. The best way for all the characters to move on would be for all things associated with life fibers to no longer exist. Hopefully it also means that there will be no attempt at a sequel.

Kill La Kill nudists

Overall Kill La Kill had a ton of plotholes and if you are looking for a great story then this show might not be for you. If you are looking for good characters and comedy then this would be a much better fit because this show is not meant to be taken seriously. Kill La Kill never let common sense get in the way of an over the top story.

Kill La Kill Ryuko and Satsuki

Score: 5/5

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