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Kickstarter Features December 2012

We have a ton of up and coming game developers who come to us. We want to start doing a new feature on a few who have come to us and a few we think deserve a chance. So without further delay here are a few Kickstarter games to check out:

Scarecrow Samurai Game Art

 Scarecrow Samurai Kickstarter

This is a browser/android game with a unique art style. It is a simple top-down hack and slash game with waves of enemies. However it has some depth in the variety of items you can choose.

We picked this Kickstarter because the art style is nice and they seem to have a good understanding that you can’t just be mobile. You are leaving money on the table if you don’t make a decent PC version.

Dream Game Hallway

Dream Kickstarter

Hypersloth is bringing you a re-imagining of one of our favorite games, LSD. You travel through various dreams on a path of adventure. We hope that this game can live up to the lofty expectations.

This game is also unique for having a Kickstarter because it has already passed Steam Greenlight. This is the equivalent of saying “we are making this regardless, but if you like us or want a copy then support us here too.” This takes some serious confidence.

Update: I recently got to speak with one of the members of the team earlier. They wanted to make it clear that they do still need the money truly. This makes sense, as they are a small team like any other. They’ve just received some big coverage because everyone loves the type of game they want to make.

Charlie Jackson the Adventures of Rubberkid

 The Adventures of Rubberkid Kickstarter

This is a simple flash game in the style of games like asteroids. The moral lesson is a bit heavy-handed for some of us, but it’s still a cute game for teaching kids about bullying.

We picked the Adventures of Rubberkid for our Kickstarter feature because we respect what Charlie Jackson is trying. He’s a hard-working up and comer who really loves the industry. We could use more people who love the industry instead of just money.

We also picked it because he has realistic goals. We have seen many a Kickstarter program fail due to unrealistic goals.

Topia Online Kickstarter image

Topia Online Kickstarter

This game is a Sandbox MMO-RPG that seeks to give power to the players. Mods are a vital part of this game. On top of that, you can change nearly every aspect of the game world.

We chose this one because their Kickstarter for Topia Online is all about giving power to the players. This is something the industry needs more of. They also have an incredibly persistent world.  Players design and control nearly everything.

We hope that you enjoy and support some of these Kickstarters. Let us know if you have one we should support.

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