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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Review

This episode is the beginning of the end for the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency arc. Can it live up to expectations? Let us ponder that.

The Rundown of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 23

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Joseph's Last Ace in the Hole

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Joseph Oil Attack

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Joseph tell me why

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Wham saves Joseph

Joseph manages to barely defeat Wham with an oil flask and Caesar’s bandanna. Joseph shows mercy to him for the fact that he let Caesar’s final gift float free. Wham could have simply popped the bubble earlier. Wham protects Joseph to show his respect, after vampires attack.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Cars tricks and stabs Lisa Lisa

Cars then prepares for the battle with Lisa Lisa. It looks as if Lisa will win a dominating victory. Unfortunately Cars reveals that he is secretly an underhanded jerk. He uses a double to trick Lisa Lisa and stabs her multiple times.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Smug Cars

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Stroheim saves the day

All seems lost when Stroheim, Smokey and Speedwagon (Triple S) show up with ultraviolet weapons. They quickly destroy the vampires. However the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Lisa Lisa hangs on to life while Joseph faces down Cars. How will it end? Many of us already know but it should be fun to watch. Oh and obviously, Lisa Lisa is Joseph’s mother.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23 Lisa Lisa in Peril

Shocking Twists

The anime does an impressive job of depicting Cars. However my problem with Cars is that he does a 180. Throughout the manga and the anime Cars is shown as being honorable. The twist that he is a pragmatically evil jerk opens plot holes. It also paints Wham as a likeable person. Why did Wham and ACDC follow such an awful guy? This shows perhaps the greatest weakness of Araki’s writing.

Some argue that Cars is explained as highly ambitious. He certainly is, no doubt, but that still isn’t quite enough for me. Although Cars certainly did have one of the best lines of the manga when he talks about his ambition.

This flaw is that in many of his books the followers of villains are very dedicated. However it is not fully explained why. Araki does work on this flaw later. Geb in part three is the best example of him trying to fix this flaw in later parts. However this same flaw perks back up in parts 4 and 5. Many of his villains follow other villains who they have no good reason to serve them.  It leaves me puzzled in hindsight, not simply due to cars/wham but with many other characters. We will discuss that later though.

Does it Deliver?

I would argue that it has so far. Everything has gone through well, with only minor inconsistencies. The art has been excellent without overusing the shading. I hope dearly that the final will be just as good.

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