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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 22 Review

This episode goes over the best fight of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency arc. Perhaps even the best part of the entire second series. We have a lot of pictures for you in this one, so get ready. If you have not seen the episode yet, you may want to watch it now. This is quite an amazing show this time around. Also there are significant spoilers as usual.




The Rundown of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 22

The battle begins with Joseph cheating, as he does best. He sticks Wham’s wheels in rubble. This gives him an advantage in racing for a weapon he needs.



Joseph gets the hammer, but unfortunately Wham is thinking bigger. Wham smashes his chariot with a huge column. Joseph uses his hammer to board Wham’s chariot area. They then have a standoff that Wham seems to win.



Unfortunately for Wham, Joseph was too fast for him. He breaks Wham’s arms and injures him badly. They then grab crossbows and proceed with the rest of the fight. Wham freaks out at first, but puts out his eyes and recovers his sanity.




Wham manages to badly injure Joseph with a crossbow rebound. However Joseph uses Wham’s own trick and hurts him fatally.


The episode ends with Wham choking Joseph with his severed arms, and powering up his final mode. A mode that will sweep Joseph away in a blistering gale, which is a nice cliffhanger.

A Well Done Battle

This battle really impressed me. The pacing was excellent. The weird colors were not overused. If you watch one episode of this series, make it this one. All of the worries I had about this finale were dispelled. This is one of the best points in the anime as a whole. It deserves no less, since it was one of the best parts of the manga.

The CGI Flaw

The only flaw was a bit of the CGI in the episode. At one point Wham has an absolutely static and ugly model for his chariot. He looks like something out of 3D 10 years ago. This was the only minor gripe I could find with it.

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