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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Review

Episode 17 covers one of my favorite parts of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency arc. Joseph and Caesar take their final tests. However that is not why it is exciting. Let us go over that right now.

The Rundown of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 18

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Niiiiiiice

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 ACDC Brain

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Suzie Q and Joseph

Joseph returns triumphant from his fight with ACDC. Unfortunately ACDC’s brain has lived on. Joseph peeks in on Lisa Lisa bathing as well. This is a bit weird for reasons we will discuss in later editions. We do not want to spoil too much for those who did not read the manga. We’ve done this before to not spoil it other times, such as ACDC being a brain. Suzie Q and Joseph flirt a bit and start falling in love here as well.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Suzie Q Possessed

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Joseph will smash you

ACDC takes over the body of Suzie Q. This leads to a ridiculous and long stand-off. Joseph tries to scare him out uselessly.Things look bad because ACDC can still use his powers. He almost kills them with his burning blood.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Joseph Caesar Combination Ripple

Finally Caesar and Joseph use combined ripples to blow it out. ACDC is defeated, with words of admiration from Joseph. ACDC sacrificed himself to steal the “Super Asia Jewel” (I’m still going with calling it the Red Stone of Asia, makes more sense) and send it to his friends.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Stroheim Cars

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 18 Cyborg Stroheim

The rest of the episode centers around finding the red jewel. It turns out Stroheim was rebuilt into a cyborg by the end of the episode. Joseph, Stroheim and the crew corner Cars at the end. It looks like this is the end for the main villain. Oh who are we kidding. That isn’t how Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ever goes.

The Power of Admirable Villains

In this series, and episode, you have two types of villains. Ones you hate beyond all belief like Dio. Who have no redeeming qualities beyond power or beauty. Then you have ones like ACDC or Pucci. These are some of my favorite ones. These characters, despite being totally evil, put their friends first. They sacrifice themselves for the dreams of others. Geb was like this as well in part three. I think that villains like this are a major reason I love this series.

Mechanical Stroheim out of Nowhere

The only downside to this, and the original story, was Stroheim came out of nowhere. He seemed to be practically vaporized by the grenade. Him coming back cheapened his sacrifice for me a bit. On the other hand, he does some really cool things after he is rebuilt. One of those includes a very awesome weapon in his chest.

More Gore than Ever Before

This episode stayed very true to the manga. It had all the gore you would expect. This is a nice change. The censoring can be a bit heavy and out of place at times. It seems they have improved on that as time went along. Stay with us as we review the rest of the series. We hope that it gets a full run.


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