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International Games Day at your local library

International Games Day is coming up and the ALA wants to help. That is right the American Library Association wants you to play games in  the library. While this is of little utility to our other fans it is interesting to Americans.

The Changing attitude on games and the bad old days

Not so long ago we had the bad old days. We had the days when gaming was the purview of school shooters according to the media. Let us think back about the few things games entailed:

  • Games contributed to the image of being a social outcast
  • Those who played violent games were mentally unstable
  • Those who played games when older were irresponsible

International Games Day
These were what many of us grew up with. Legislators did little to help. In fact, many studies were conducted to prove games were bad. How did that turn out? Well, take a look here. As you might expect that was ridiculous.

International Games Day and the changing times

The fact that we now have a games day and it is sponsored by the ALA gives games legitimacy. The event itself should be fun so you should check it out. However much more importantly games are becoming accepted. For many of us they helped us get through hard times. For others they helped develop great friends.

Get involved in your International Games Day

Check out this event finder. You can create your own event or try to find one. Get ready fast, because the events start 11/3/2012. Overall this is a sign of gaming becoming accepted. We think that the positives of such an event outweigh the negatives. Gaming is a part of the future lives of us all. In some ways it is part of your responsibility to help new generations learn gaming. Gaming is at its height right now so be happy about it and ride the wave so to speak.


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