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Army Builder Review

Army Builder from Lone Wolf Development has been one of the most popular programs in the industry for years. An Overview of Army Builder For years now Army Builder has delivered robust data sets along with ease of use for […]


Ring of Honor Card Game Review

The Ring of Honor card game is an impressive new product from an indie tabletop developer. In this article we will be going over the game and how it has evolved over time. The fast pace and appeal of Ring […]


International Games Day at your local library

International Games Day is coming up and the ALA wants to help. That is right the American Library Association wants you to play games in  the library. While this is of little utility to our other fans it is interesting […]


Dungeons and Dragons restart

Dungeons and Dragons is getting a massive restart due to lackluster sales. That’s right, after much complaining they’re doing it. Many 3.5 fans had always been less than thrilled with Dungeons and Dragons fourth edition. Why? Let’s look at some […]



Maori is an interesting idea that doesn’t really deliver. It is hailing outside in June, and the lights have gone out. What is the modern nerd to do? Well luckily my friend who loves board games came over. We played […]