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Insomnia NPC Area

InSomnia Spotlight

What happens when your crowdfunding doesn’t succeed? Well you try it again. Insomnia is going to relaunch their Kickstarter on the 23rd and they are on Steam Greenlight.

InSomnia and a Dieselpunk Setting

The game takes place in a massive space station that is blasting through space. Factions within it have developed and conflict has left the area charred and destroyed.

InSomnia Office

The player must negotiate the factions inside and discover lost technology. Apparently those involved had some time travel capabilities as well and this may give you some hope for saving humanity or at least yourself.

The InSomnia Co-op Gameplay

The game also has Co-op elements that are part of combat and puzzles. This is where we will see if the game actually works. When something like this is done right it’s amazing. When it is done wrong it can ruin the whole experience.

InSomnia Combat

If it turns out to be a Fallout-style setting with decent Co-op mechanics then it will be a must-buy.

The InSomnia Gameplay

One thing that garnered our attention was the third-person gameplay similar to that of Knights of the Old Republic.

The InSomnia Name

One thing came to mind while searching for additional info for this game: lots of people use this name for their game. Hopefully they won’t have any copyright troubles down the road but we thought we would mention it as another object lesson. If you are working on a Kickstarter always make sure that no one else has nabbed the name. We would guess the team already knows about and has covered this base.

Supporting the InSomnia Kickstarter

Unfortunately it is not out yet but be sure to check on their site for it later on. It is inspiring to see them pick it back up after their initial trouble. It should also be an interesting lesson for other developers.

We hope that everything goes well for them this time because it seems like they put a lot of effort into this relaunch.


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