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Infestation: Survivor Stories Still Exists

Somehow Infestation: Survivor Stories is still around.  The game that has been critically panned since it was “The War Z” is still alive and is adding new content. Despite showers of negative reviews from metacritic to major sites they are still building. Why is this interesting? Because it shows how a game can still exist and grow despite a plethora of negative qualities. Why are we beating what some would consider a dead horse? Because the developers sent out a press release about how good their game is doing right now. Something about that just isn’t right.

The Cheating Community of Infestation: Survivor Stories

A casual skim of the forums shows one reason the game is still afloat. A high percentage of hackers enjoy messing with the game and are not adequately punished. So therefore it has created an environment where they have 1.5 million players but do not have a decent community.

Infestation Survivor Stories Sergey Titov Post

Infestation: Survivor Stories Seems to be Bulletproof

Despite being a ripoff of Day Z, the above post by executive producer Sergey Titov and trademark fights with Paramount Pictures it still continues. It also incorporates some of the worst elements of the microtransaction model. At one point hackers even broke into highly sensitive information which caused them to shut down for a bit. None of this has stopped them.

The Infestation: Survivor Stories Anniversary Update

They are currently adding quite a few options such as:

  • Strongholds
  • Vehicles
  • A reworked map
  • New zombies
  • Gear degradation, because players needed more reason to hack
  • Super zombies
  • Missions
  • Swimming

So basically with this update it will approach some of what Day Z was originally.

How Does Infestation: Survivor Stories Stay Afloat?

Our main contention is that their streamers keep it there. Despite the many deep flaws of the game there are people who adore and stream it religiously. This gives them a lot of free advertising and some illogical people who will rate a game like this a 10. A word to developers and to anyone else in the industry, if you can create a similar community you can pull through almost anything.  It is no coincidence tons of major computer games are adding easy streaming functions. If you want to try this then you can get it on Steam but you have been duly warned.




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