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Hover Spotlight

Hover bills itself as being between Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge. However from what we have seen so far this game is between Mirror’s Edge and Tony Hawk. With the composer of Jet Set Radio on board and some cool visuals it still seems like a great project to support.

Hover -ing About

The game itself focuses on futuristic racers grinding through an advanced civilization. From what we have seen so far there are clearly going to be stunt competitions and they may also have races. It reminds us a lot of the crazy antics of the Tony Hawk games.

Hover First Person Movement

The game also appears to have both third and first person camera setups from what we have seen so far. Hopefully this works well in both areas because this can really make or break any game. Take a look at first person in the picture right above.

The Hover Greenlight

The game has also already surprisingly been greenlit. This is a marked change from many developers who go to Kickstarter first.

Hover Over the Story

The full name of the game is Hover: Revolt of Gamers which is a bit of a mouthful. In the future politicians are still trying to get video games banned. Only now the government is confiscating consoles and instituting shakedowns. You play as a alien (or a girl and we’re guessing other characters) who are trying to get back the consoles while disrupting the government.

The Hover Kickstarter is Coming

Something we are seeing happen more and more often is that developers start their Kickstarter promotion early. This is one of many games that has.

While they’ve told us quite a bit so far they do not yet have it set up at the time of this writing. For those of us interested in crowdfunding it gives us a very clear message: get started early for the best results.

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