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Games to Grab Epic Spell Wars

We’ve decided to focus on Tabletop Gaming here a bit more. What nerd doesn’t play at least some games of that type? Today we want to focus on Epic Spell Wars and why you should grab it before it’s gone.

Epic Spell Wars Battle of the Wizards – Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre is Gone

The first reason we bring it up is that this edition of the game is already gone from many stores. Copies on eBay are all going for more than the normal cost of the game as well. So you may want to look for a cheap copy before it vanishes completely. At least until it is reprinted.

The Party Game Appeal of Epic Spell Wars

The main appeal of the game is playing it with multiple players. Several spells snowball to deal huge amounts of damage with more players. The game centers around creating a spell and damaging your opponents, which is everyone, with it.


The modular card system lets you create crazy names like “Beard-O-Blasty’s Impatient Power Vortex” or “Bleemax Brainiac’s Mind-Altering Pact with the Devil. The last wizard standing after all the spells go off gets a victory token. Get enough of them and you win.

Being Simple is Part of the Charm with Epic Spell Wars

While it has no great strategic or tactical depth it is simple to learn and fun to play. This gives it a wide range of appeal at many gaming groups. Because of this and the fact that it is eventually going to become quite rare for some time we suggest you check it out. We had quite a bit of fun playing it as well. The game is by Cryptozoic Entertainment and this is probably their best product we have seen so far. Or at least the one we had the most fun with. We hope they do some other good ones as well.


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