Why Extremely Generic and Specific Kickstarters Fail

Polish Alice in Wonderland Kickstarter

Why Extremely Generic and Specific Kickstarters Fail

We were looking through the new games today and realized that there were a lot of projects that are just doomed by how they are set up. Being to general or specific with your product, unless it appeals to the whole world, can cause problems.

Coffee and Vidya Kickstarter

It is fine that your rewards have to do with the store, but I cannot use any of them here.

Why Specific Kickstarters have Problems

Projects specific to a country or even worse a city are at an extreme disadvantage. This is because those away from the area will not usually benefit from your project succeeding. Take Coffee and Vidya which is asking for funds to set up a small shop in Canada. I have no reason to donate at all as an American.

However that does not mean they will fail for sure it is just that in cases where your project is extremely specific you could probably just get the funds from your local community. In that case why did you even go to Kickstarter?

Games Lounge Kickstarter

Everyone wants to be a YouTube celebrity but without backing from previous celebrities it can be too difficult.

Why Generic Kickstarters have Problems

While this rule doesn’t apply to gadgets it does apply to other things. Such as the Games Lounge YouTube show with 1 backer at the time of this writing. A crowded market for things like this along with a generic premise virtually insures something like this will fail.

There are in fact multiple projects like this that never even get close to funding. People still put them out anyway because big names have done it before. What they fail to realize is that those who had these projects succeed usually had a massive fan base beforehand.

What to Learn from these Kickstarters

Unless you already have the fame or connections to make a product succeed never start with a concept which is too specific or general. These rules can be bent at times but never broken. Doing so will insure that you end up getting talked about as a cautionary example on one of any websites that cover things like this.



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