EPSILON Early Access Preview - Tacti-Cool

EPSILON Action Shot

EPSILON Early Access Preview – Tacti-Cool

EPSILON attempts to bring tactical planning into the world of squad-based FPS games. So far this game looks quite promising due to one word: Planning.

Planning Stage Screen

Planning the mission is by far our favorite part of the game.

EPSILON Planning

What sets this game apart is the planning stage. It’s similar to the map from Frozen Synapse but your team doesn’t move during this stage. Instead you mark enemy guards and plan your team’s assault path.

Unipol and EPSILON’s Story

You play as an elite anti-terrorist team working with Unipol, a near-future international police agency. Hostages must be rescued using the greatest tech any country can create.

EPSILON Story Panel

2D sequences help flesh out the story as well.

All of this plays out in a mission-based story mode with clear-cut objectives. Special rules also add additional challenge to this part of the game.

Elimination Mode

Elimination mode is a fast-paced action game where you attempt to eliminate enemies over a level. Using non-lethal means will score you additional points as well.

EPSILON Equipment

There are already many great pieces of equipment in the game.

Modern Gun Selections

Each gun is a version of a real-world item with some futuristic enhancements or name changes. Here are a few names you might recognize:

  • The FAL OSW battle rifle
  • The SG-12B Shotgun
  • The g19 pistol
  • Grab your GLOCKS with the G18C
  • Pistol or submachine gun? You figure it out with the RG-9 SMG

So as you can see these guns have a real-world touch with a different sheen or addition here and there.

Interesting Gameplay Mechanics

Fortunately EPSILON is not your cookie-cutter FPS. You can use CyberVision to see enemies through walls and hack security terminals to unlock doors or disable traps. You can even call in a remote sniper to take out enemies in hard-to-reach positions.

EPSILON Computers

Unreal Engine technology insures that the backgrounds already look great.

All of these additional abilities insure that your team can still think tactically even after they invade the building. As you’ve probably already guessed the game switches to a first-person shooter at that point.

Pre-Alpha Early Access

Right now the game is in a “Pre-Alpha” state but looks extremely promising. Co-Op is not in the game yet so keep that in mind. We think it will be great when fully implemented though. Right now you can buy it on Steam for $7.99.



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