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Dragon’s Crown from Atlus Information

Dragon’s Crown is the new upcoming brawler from Atlus. It features four-player cooperative action. It also has epic fantasy flair and multiple characters to choose from.

Dragon's Crown Amazon

Dragon’s Crown Gameplay

The game itself plays like a normal brawler. You control one of six classes from Dwarves to Elves and battle fantasy beasts. Dragon’s Crown sells itself on having an extensive skill tree. You can change your health, magic and abilities to fit your style. The classes include:

  • The Fighter who uses heavy armor and fast attacks on enemies
  • The Dwarf who fights up close and uses grapples
  • The Amazon who uses a massive axe to deal huge damage
  • The Wizard who blasts opponents with fire
  • The Elf who uses her bow and speed to deadly effect
  • The Sorceress who uses ice magic and summons undead

Dragon's Crown Elf

The Art of Dragon’s Crown

This game stands out for beautiful art. The characters are expertly drawn. The magical attacks have brilliant explosions and simmering flames. Overall the game just looks incredibly stylish overall. Few brawlers, especially today, can match the level of detail you see here.

Dragon's Crown Wizard

The Story of Dragon’s Crown

Dragon’s Crown follows the fantasy kingdom of Hydeland. You play as an adventurer making your way through dangerous lands. Throughout the game you will meet various helpful NPC characters including guild leader Samuel and Rannie the Thief. Eventually you will find your way to the ultimate treasure, the Dragon’s Crown.

Something Interesting

We find the timing of this game to be intriguing. It will be coming out in the summer, around the same time as the Dungeons and Dragons games. It looks like either Capcom or Atlus want to go head to head on these. Capcom obviously has a serious advantage so Dragon’s Crown will have to be really good. Otherwise nostalgia goggles may blot out the sales of this game.

Dragon’s Crown Basic Information

Dragon’s Crown will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems for $49.99 and $39.99. For more information visit the site at:  http://www.atlus.com/dragonscrown/


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