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Conquest Bundle Released

Bundle Stars has come out with yet another large collection of games. The Conquest Bundle comes with a variety of high-impact games around domination and exploration. Get some quite info on these and find out whether this one works for you.

Conquest Bundle Games

The Quick Conquest Bundle Rundown

If you want some serious variety then this is probably the bundle for you. Because this one has games of just about every flavor:

  • A Game of Dwarves: Gold Edition is a strategy game which focuses on exploration. Build your hearty empire in full 3D while danger lurks all around you.
  • Lucius is perhaps the most interesting title out of these. You play a demonic child who is out to murder his entire household with psychic powers. Unsettling to say the least.
  • King Arthur II: The Role Playing Game is a strategy RPG with some impressive terrain and nice battles.
  • American Conquest covers the founding of the new world before any of us were alive. It has massive real time battles with historical accuracy.
  • Incoming Forces is a shooter with a heavy focus on the vehicular combat and some interesting weapons.
  • Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars is a similar game to American Conquest, but in a different location and somewhat different time period.
  • Cossacks I: European Wars is the predecessor to the above game.
  • 99 Levels to Hell is a platform shooter with a massive amount of content in an amazing dungeon.
  • Xpand Rally Xtreme is the odd part of the bundle where you try to conquer some roads. It has some cool physics and car setups.
  • Ballpoint Universe – Infinite brings you incredible worlds to explore in a great art style.
  • Hyper Fighters is a rail shooter where you fly an advanced plane through some brutal war zones.
  • Call of Juarez was a very popular game that put Deep Silver on the board quite some time ago. It goes last because it’s our least favorite game here.  If you want to see how the Dead Island creators got their start it is here.

Getting the Conquest Bundle

Right now you can get all of these for $4.99 at their site. It’s certainly good to see some innovative titles like Lucius showing up in them. It seems like these bundles have more and more games, who knows how many they will be offering in each bundle a year from now? As usual stay tuned for giveaways on our social media, etc.

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