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Citizens of Earth Review

Citizens of Earth borrows many elements from the classic Earthbound. From tone to actual gameplay it is much like an updated version of the title.

The Citizens of Earth Story

In this game you play as the Vice President of Earth. You wake up one day to find a protest started by your rival candidate. He acts as your first boss with some normal enemies like protestors. As you might expect, things take a turn for the worse there.

Mr. Mocha Boss

Many of the enemies are quite unusual, lending to the game’s charm.

Madness and Mutation

Living stop signs, Fawns with phones on their backs and talking eagles with toupees begin filling the world. Coffee shops lift off from the ground and things just get weirder from there.

Named Characters

Naming characters after your viewers is always great fun.

Great for Streamers

On our own stream we’ve been naming viewers and long-time supporters. Games like this are great for that since you can change the name of every character. You should check it out if you’re a big streamer.

Special Bosses

While most of them are not exactly hidden the game hosts a variety of special bosses that give you an extra challenge.

Excellent JRPG Mechanics

As the game goes along you gather a host of characters from conspiracy theorists to baristas. Each one adds a new mechanic to your game. On top of that each character plays very differently from all others.

Stop Sign Fight

Random abilities, status effects and trading all of these are parts of combat in this game.

 Combat in a Nutshell

All of your characters are available to you constantly. Every mechanic you could think of is here, from status shifting to reflecting damage. All the great combos you love from other games are here too. For example:

The conspiracy theorist is constantly confused with one item he can equip. Fortunately the silly mascot can swap debuffs with him and then give it to an enemy. Tremendously useful and one of dozens of combos.

Plentiful Enemies… Too Plentiful Sometimes

Enemies are excessively fast and aggressive. In some areas where you need to walk through large map sections the number of enemies can be very frustrating. This is compounded by the fact that you have to be much stronger than them to auto-defeat each one a few areas can be a very slow grind through multiple enemies.

Underwater Travel

Some areas have plenty of space to dodge, like the underwater ones, but a few are cramped hallways filled with frustrating, weak enemies.

None of them can really damage you but they can hold up your progress by quite a bit.  Hopefully they will lower the auto-defeat threshold to alleviate some of this. You can turn the difficulty up or down but neither alleviates the problem.

Questionable Minigames

The other low point lies in the minigames. From the music game to the racing each one seems like less effort was put in than other sections. Lackluster music does not help you get through them either.

Chef Crafting

The top ranks of skills also give you useful items that characters can equip.

Significant Play Value

Citizens of Earth has one thing over and above many other games: content. Most characters have multiple special items and talent levels. For example you have a character who can make you any baked good item from weak healing to massive buffs, as long as you level him up.

Sushi Crafting

Several characters contribute to a crafting system, and additional crafting options open up as you level them up.

Collecting People, Items and Cats

Everything you could need from crafting to changing the difficulty is done by a character. Some also have special quests that need to be completed before they will join you. Finding everything amounts to days of gameplay.

Final Verdict 4.5/5: Amazing – Extensive content paired with an excellent party management system makes this a great twist on the standard JRPG. Only lackluster music and minigames keep it from scoring a perfect 5/5. From the gameplay to the writing the game delivers great fun from start to finish. A must-buy for any JRPG fan or anyone who wants to see an efficient, enjoyable take on the genre.



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