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Casual Games Association Spotlight

We were only vaguely aware that there was a Casual Games Association. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at what they do.

The Casual Games Association Surface

On the surface their goal is simply to put casual games to the forefront of the industry. On a personal note I have to point out that a worse thing could not be asked for in the gaming industry. Most developers equate casual with not having to do as much work. This is spectacularly obvious to anyone who actually cares about gaming. But things get a bit more troublesome than that.

Indie Prize Site Image

The Casual Games Association Supports WildTangent

Our first tip that things weren’t all good with the Casual Games Association is that they support the WildTangent in their work with Indie Prize Showcase. For anyone who remembers WildTangent they are a company that hosts sub-par games. They often include borderline malware which sends your information to the company. Such a thing is bad for the industry and hurts their credibility. The very same company is one of the corporate hosts for the Casual Games Association. This pretty much seals the deal for anyone with any sense or passion for gaming.

Success in the Future for the Casual Games Association

While we may not approve of who they hang out with or what they do, they do seem to be set up for success. They have some big names in mobile games such as Big Fish and BlackBerry backing them. It is obvious why these companies would want to support an association. On a business level it’s smart. On a personal level as a hardcore gamer, it’s troubling.

Why a Casual Games Association Bothers Me Personally

Casual and mobile games are heading to the forefront of the industry. They don’t need an agency rigging the odds for them. With VERY rare exceptions (compared to the number of releases) quality games aren’t being made anywhere in the industry. It looks like a day is coming where you need to be casual to really succeed. Why is this a problem? Games like Chrono Trigger, Doom and many others would never have been made in a casual market. It would be a shame if that became the only market.


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