World Conquest Zvezda Plot Review

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World Conquest Zvezda Plot Review

World Conquest Zvezda Plot is about a high school boy named Asuta who joins an organization named Zvezda. Zvezda is a group that plans on taking over the world and the leader is a small girl. Kate uses a stuffed toy to conquer things. There is another group called White Light that is trying to stop Zvezda in the name of justice. The two groups clash throughout the series with lots of antics until the Tokyo government helps out White Light in the end.

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The story in World Conquest Zvezda Plot takes a real turn for the worse after episode 3. A lot of the episodes revolve around the relationship between Asuta and Renge. That was a problem since their relationship was not main plot material so much as side story material. The emphasis the whole time should have been on conquest. There is a group trying to take over the world, but we have to watch Asuta and Renge do pointless things together instead. For instance the treasure hunting arc which was mostly about Renge and Asuta. Whoever wrote this really lost sight of what was important.

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The best part of World Conquest Zvezda Plot is the ending. It is like a gift for making it through the slow, boring middle of the series. All the things that did not make a lot of sense in the series and the stupid things that were conquered all come together. The ending felt like what the middle of the show should have been like. Big fights and a massive power trying to fight against Zvezda instead of White Light who are the equivalent of Team Rocket. It is also nice that they refer back to episode 3 with all the real villains smoking. Even the robot smokes.

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Overall World Conquest Zvezda Plot  could have been a lot better if the middle had not contained so many things that felt like filler. In a show that is about a group that is trying to conquer the world generally there is a lot more conquest. If after reading this you would still like to watch World Conquest Zvezda Plot I would suggest only watching episodes 1, 3, and 9 through the end.

Score: 2/5

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