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Tribes: Ascend Preview

Tribes: Ascend is the upcoming FPS entry from Hi-Rez studios. It’s already generating a lot of buzz in the free-to-play community.

Tribes: Ascend has much more in common than Tribes 2 than one. Those who played the second one should be happy with an even more fast paced style than the earlier game. However those that only played the first may be a little confused by the gliding and well, skis of this new edition. If you are expecting Tribes 1, this isn’t it.

Tribes Ascend teams

For those unfamiliar with the series, the most common gameplay is where two teams attempt to capture each the opposing team’s flag. What makes the gameplay fun and engaging is that there are a variety of suits to choose from. As in previous games, the suits share a basic setup of light, medium and heavy.

Tribes Ascend classes

However Hi-Rez has placed a much larger focus on switching up capabilities in this game. You have a large number of selections which you can buy with in-game currency. You can be everything from a death-dealing heavy to a base defending engineer.

Vehicles have also been simplified from early games. They’re quite easy to pilot now, but still very dangerous. A skilled aerial pilot can still wipe out a team nearly by themselves.

Tribes Ascend graphics

So far there have been two major complaints in the beta we must address:

#1 This isn’t Tribes 1: While Tribes 1 is an absolutely amazing classic of a game, we can’t keep on our nostalgia goggles forever. Great games like this naturally change, just like Total Annihilation moved on to Supreme Commander 1. Even though it’s unnerving to some, Tribes: Ascend really is a strong step forward in the series. We would say it’s without a doubt Hi-Rez’s best game yet.

#2 The costs for the classes are too high: While early on we could agree with this, Hi-Rez has been altering the prices as development goes on. They’ve already been reduced to a more comfortable amount and we can only assume that by the final version they will come to a nice price for the players.

We’ll be sure to update you on more news for Tribes Ascend. You can also buy the game to get in early with some bonuses, or simply apply.

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