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Trendy and Cool Gaming Parties?

Through some bizarre quirk of realities being a nerd is now being seen as “cool” or “trendy” by some subsets of society. With it has come something that leaves us a little baffled, but it’s true nonetheless. Gaming parties and companies that throw them are bcoming popular and successful.

What are Gaming Parties?

They are usually swanky affairs like REZtron’s parties. The company throws hip affairs with cocktails and old systems. Basically, you are there to eat, drink and have nostalgia for the games of old. The lavish parties often take place in clubs with a variety of gaming peripherals set up, retro or otherwise.

How Gaming Parties Make Money

They come in two varieties. The ones like REZtron are hired by a business or other individual to throw a party. Usually, it is there to get people excited about a party spot. It may be due to a big event happening with some company. With the sheer popularity of gaming and the power of nostalgia it seems like there is a real market for this.

How To Host Your Own Gaming Party

Hosting a gaming party at home is just like hosting any other party. In fact, it’s pretty easy to host a gaming party if you’ve already got all of the gaming equipment you need. You won’t have to find something for guests to do either, as you’re all there to game. All you would need to make the party more ambient is to decorate the space according to the mood and theme of the party. For instance, you can purchase man cave neon signs like “No Bad Vibes” or “Welcome to the Jungle” (you can try Neon Mama signs) and attach them to the wall of the room where the party will be hosted. You can also play some great music to make the party more lively–preferably some Pop music. Lastly, do not forget to arrange for food for your guests–everybody loves to munch on something constantly at a party. Remember that besides hosting the party in person, you could also host it online.

However, to host online, you’ll need a pretty strong gaming computer, so browse here for the motherboards if you don’t think yours is up to scratch. Hosting online might be easier and mean more people can attend. Moreover, with the help of devices like Stream Deck (which can be purchased by visiting and its likes), it could be easier to stream the party online. The small control panel with numerous customizable physical buttons can enable multiple controls –you can play sounds, mute / unmute, trigger GIFs and videos and much more – all with just one press of a button, making it a lot more entertaining for the attendees.

However, know that hosting a party at home is sometimes more fun and works well if your friends don’t have their own gaming equipment. While hosting in-house gaming parties, we might also provide additional hand accessories like wrist braces and comfortable chairs since gamers can get hurt due to the constant use of a controller while in a competitive gaming session. It can put a heavy strain on fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders, for which proper accessories could be necessary.

Game4U Playpad Gaming Parties

As for the event, other variety is the type of gaming party we are used to. Ones like the Indian company Game4U holding events to promote their brand and increase sales. The only big difference there would be what is being promoted at the time. They have been holding a series of parties in Mumbai that they call the PlayPad. We will probably see many companies doing this more often as the industry expands.

What Gaming Parties Mean for Us

Not really much of anything. It shows that the industry is already incredibly commercial and mainstream. It will only become more like this over time. We cannot really begrudge some people who saw some demand and filled it.

This is also something to keep in mind if you have your own brand. These days marketing is everything.

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