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THQ delisting explained for you

After a series of restructures and overall poor profits, THQ has been served with a de-listing notice. While other companies such as Atari and Majesco have come back from something like this, they were shells of their former selves.

What is happening THQ?

The bid price of THQ’s stock fell below $1.00, which caused the Nasdaq to issue a warning. If they cannot get their stock price back up in time you will no longer be able to buy stock with them.

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What does that mean for THQ?

In simple terms, it means that THQ has done terribly. If their stock is removed they will not be able to get proper funding. Not being able to get proper funding means they will die.

Why did this happen?

THQ has been around for a very long time. They have also published some excellent games such as Supreme Commander 1, De Blob 1 and more. Unfortunately THQ also had a habit of publishing terrible games. Their long list of awful games includes:

  • 50 Cent Blood in the Sand
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • WCW vs the World
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot 3: Superstar Showdown

They were also addicted to milking their WWF and WCW franchises when they had them. While some of the games were good, they put out so many that most were not. The same can be said of their Dawn of War franchise. The franchise had games and expansions of wildly varying quality including Soulstorm, a symptom of being the publisher of a expansion they did not develop. Red Faction is another series which they have run into the ground since inception.

Can they recover?

Yes and no. While they can live on, losing funding is a big blow. Atari put out the brilliant but overlooked Battle Engine Aquila shortly before they had  problems. They then had to resort to publishing sub-par renditions of DBZ games. They have never recovered even that level of development, much less their early glory days. Majesco has also had to resort to sub-par cash-ins.

As you might be able to guess, getting snapped up by a bigger publisher is also a possibility for THQ. So in the end we will have to see what happens. I for one hope that they do not have to stoop to making terrible cash-ins.

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