Team17 Developers Launch Birthday Celebration

Team17 New Logo

Team17 Developers Launch Birthday Celebration

Team17 first started developing games in 1990 and now the team is throwing a birthday celebration. From their big day today (the 7th of December) throughout the month they will be offering sales of up to 80% on their games.

Team17 Full Contact Game

Team17 developers have many interesting games under their belts.

Team17’s First Game

Their first game was called “Full Contact” and it was the number one game in the U.K. for a while. It was an interesting martial arts fighting game. Few people realize that “Worms” was not their first game.

Worms Logo

Worms is the game that they are internationally renowned for.

Team17 Creates their Biggest Game

By far they are best known for their “Worms” games. While they certainly put out many other successful games this was their big money maker. It spawned dozens of titles over the years.

Team17’s Rework

Despite having many great “Worms” titles many industry followers began to forget their other games, or not notice them. Developers and marketers with the company realized they needed to change in order to meet a new market.

Team17 Digital Limited Today

In the modern era they’ve taken on a publisher role with many games, including Sheltered. For now it looks like they are going to work as a publisher for the next few years until they can either totally reinvent worms or come out with another blockbuster first-party title.

Multiple Site Promotions

There will be further promotions on Microsoft’s Xbox One Games Store, the Humble Store, the Steam Store, GoG, Sony’s PlayStation Store, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store during December. There will be full giveaways as well as discounts and merchandise.

The Future for Team17

We like the direction they have taken their company in. We hope that they continue to make new games and also publish interesting titles for new developers in the future. We see quite a bit of growth for this company in the upcoming years due to their new publisher role.

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