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Team 17 Heads Back to Third Party Publishing

The iconic gaming company, Team 17, is heading back to being a third party publisher. They are most likely best known for the Worms series.

Why is Team 17 Heading Back?

While no one knows for sure we can be sure their vague answer about how great their team is isn’t why. While we still like them the large number of Worms and Alien Breed games were wearing thin with some former fans. Even big fans like us weren’t overly thrilled with Worms Golf.

While we can’t be sure our educated guess is that they wanted some new blood. The best way to do that is to publish games other people developed. Fresh games with settings they haven’t explored. This is almost definitely a good move and should keep them doing well into the new market.

The First Team 17 Third Party Game in Quite Some Time: Light

You can take a look at Light above and visit their Steam Greenlight page. Take the exploration of Monaco and mix it with the art style of Thomas was Alone. That gives you a decent idea of what to expect from the game. It appears to be heavy on puzzle elements as you wander through a strange building. It is being developed by Just a Pixel. It’s an interesting game to watch because it will determine whether Team 17 can get back to their publishing roots.

Light Team 17 Game Site

Team 17 for Developers

Right now they are jockeying to get new development teams. If you are interested in having this company publish your games then contact This may not be the best solution for everyone but if you are ready to work out an agreement or have some capital it’s probably a good choice. Their PR team was very good when we worked with them so we can speak from first hand experience.

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