Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 - Let's Challenge

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 catcalls

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 – Let’s Challenge

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 is about Kirito finally making it into Gun Gale Online. Kirito’s converted character has a rare character design that looks female. This causes a lot of the men in game to hit on him and it also helps Kirito to get help in game from Sinon. Sinon thinks he is another female and goes out of her way to help Kirito. While the two of them are looking for guns they realize that Kirito does not have enough credits to get a decent gun. Sinon offers him money, but Kirito wants to find another way. Sinon show Kirito a gambling game where the player has to dodge bullets and touch the NPC. While seasoned players can not dodge the bullets Kirito manages to win his first try and get the prize. Kirito ends up buying a sword to fight with for his main weapon and a handgun to distract people. At the end, Sinon and Kirito are racing to register for the Bullet of Bullets. Now, we all know that video game technology is being used by casinos, but this episode seems to be showing an extreme example of it, right?

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 Sinon and Kirito lightsaber

Well the first thing to come up this episode in Sword Art Online is that Kirito’s character looks like a girl. Apparently in Gun Gale Online it is rare to have a woman’s body or a feminine looking man’s body. Rare enough Kirito is immediately offered money for his character. That raises the question of how Sinon managed to get a girl’s body if it is so rare. Did she buy it? Is it only rare because there aren’t many girls? Well Kirito has every single guy that sees him make passes at him and generally make a big deal about his feminine appearance. It was interesting though to see that one of the comments was that the guy liked his eyes. That is unusual. The whole idea behind a game that involves shooting does come from reality since there are less girls playing FPS games most of the time. They do get quite a bit of attention. This still does not feel like something Sword Art Online needed to get into since it is not a serious show. Unfortunately as shown in the last episode Sword Art Online is trying to be more serious this time around.

The next thing to come up is Kirito using his feminine appearance to get Sinon to help him. That is just a disaster waiting to happen. He should have been open with her and hoped that she would help him anyway. When it is revealed she is going to be angryand something bad will most likely happen.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 Sinon and Kirito buggy

Finally the gambling game comes up. Kirito watches a guy who has been playing the game a while go against the gambling game and lose. Perhaps they should have done some research beforehand so they could know how to offer an enjoyable experience and how to have one, too. He also gets the advice that when the indicators show up it is too late to dodge. Between those two things Kirito somehow manages to beat a game that has eluded so many on his first try. Even with all his experience that does not seem possible. I understand why they brought that into the story, but it feels wrong. The game was supposed to show how Kirito can guess where someone will fire to dodge their bullets. This will be how he gets right up to people to use his sword. He was supposed to have figured the whole thing out because he isn’t used to relying on the indicators like the people used to playing the game do. Unfortunately it just comes off unbelievable.

At first they were all…

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 Smirk

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 No

Then they were all…

Sword Art Online 2 episode 4 Shock

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