Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 - Kirito's First Time

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 Sinon changing

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 – Kirito’s First Time

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 shows Kirito’s first time fighting against guns in Gun Gale Online. Sinon shows Kirito how to sign up for the tournament at the beginning of the episode. Kirito is supposed to enter his real life information into the computer in order to be able to receive a top prize, but he opts out. After signing up Sinon takes Kirito to a waiting room to change. She takes off her outer clothing to put on her armor in front of him, and Kirito takes that opportunity to introduce himself. That is how Sinon finds out he is a male. Sinon tries to quit talking to Kirito, but he follows her around until she helps him. Then she tells him that he better make it to the finals so she can defeat him. Kirito has his first match and wins. After he wins while he is waiting for his next match, Kirito runs into Death Gun. Death Gun obviously knows him from before and Kirito notices from a mark on the arm that Death Gun is from Laughing Coffin.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 Kirito and Death Gun

Sword Art Online has Kirito reveal to Sinon that he is male while she is in her underwear. Kirito could have done it any time before then and it would not have been as bad. Now Sinon is ticked that he saw her like that. A bit confusing why she is so upset, since it is just a character in a game. It is not exactly the same as seeing her naked. She may not be as mad as she seems because she continues to stay around Kirito after giving him her final pieces of advice.

Kirito’s first fight in Gun Gale Online was pretty predictable. Kirito used the knowledge he gained from the gambling game to avoid the bullets and get close enough to use his sword. Kirito also used the gun, but there was really very little reason for him to do so. It was just a token effort when he could have just kept approaching his target. At least Kirito has not magically learned to use a gun when he should not have experience with it from the other games. When Kirito attacks the target with his sword the scene is way too drawn out. The life bar slowly goes down while the target screams. While it made the first battle more dramatic, hopefully in the future this will be repeated. Having him calmly hold the sword in while his target appears to be suffering seems pretty cold for Kirito and quite different from how he is normally portrayed in Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 Laughing Coffin

Sword Art Online finally brings Death Gun back into the show. Not only that, but Kirito already knows that Death Gun is affiliated with Laughing Coffin. Wish they had found a new villain instead of bringing back that old group. At least his reaction was good. While it feels too soon for him to meet Kirito, the arc is probably halfway over. If the Gun Gale Online arc is like the others it will be over around the end of the season, so thinking about it like that it feels like the show has been going pretty slow. No reason so far to think it will be different so far since he already knows so much about the villain.

Kirito signing up for the tournament has probably revealed the whole mystery behind Death Gun. All the personal information for the top people in the game is there for any hacker or person working for the game company to look at. After that they would just have to figure out how to attack the victims. Also since Kirito did not put in his personal information that will probably be how they do not attack. That is all just speculation, since I have not read the stories.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 5 Sinon

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