Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 - A Sniper Who is Afraid of Guns

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 – A Sniper Who is Afraid of Guns

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 is mostly focused on learning about Sinon outside of the game. In real life Sinon is bullied and her bullies take advantage of her strong fear of guns to easily scare her. Just pointing their fingers in a gun shape or threatening to bring a gun is enough to scare poor Sinon. This fear was brought on by killing a robber when Sinon was young. Now anytime she is confronted with a gun in any fashion she freaks out. Sinon tries to overcome her fear by playing Gun Gale Online, since it is the only time she can be around a gun and not be terrified.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 Bang

Sword Art Online episode 3 makes me take back what I said in my last post. I no longer want to know what is happening to Sinon in her real life. Unfortunately it is too late, they have already revealed too much and will likely not stop here. Sinon is a sniper that can’t stand guns or killing people. It is not very believable to begin with and then there were several extreme scenes of her freaking out. If she can not even stand someone making a gun out of their fingers she should not be able to use a gun in Gun Gale Online. Even Sinon’s instincts are different in the game. In real life she is sickened by killing someone to save herself and her mom, but in the game is she driven to shoot at people just because they are strong in the game. Since Sinon is like another person in the game, it does not seem likely that her strength in the game will translate to real life. Hopefully anything else revealed about Sinon’s personal life will make more sense.

It feels like time to get back to the point of this season of Sword Art Online and find out what is going on with the Death Gun. Too much time has been spent on Sinon.

Sword Art Online 2 episode 3 gun and blood

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