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Street Fighter X Tekken: Mech Zangief revealed, release dates

Capcom has revealed more videos for Street Fighter X Tekken and a release date. These are probably their most cryptic teasers so far, and we  are still trying to decipher them.

The first big reveal is the gem system which allows you to have more customization on your characters. You can activate gems by fulfilling conditions such as hitting with several normal attacks. This gives you quite a bit of customization for any character.

The first Street Fighter X Tekken trailer shows a pink gi, with a ponytail. Dan has already been seen in an earlier trailer, so it’s pretty confusing why they would put him in again. There are several other characters who have had that hairstyle in one or more games, including Law. Of course Law had no pink gi. Then there is a woman with painted nails. While that could easily be Nina, she had been revealed several times. It is possible that Anna could show up.

Part 2 shows a hairstyle that is very similar to Deejay from Street Fighter. It also shows a belt with a Z on it, worn by a muscular character. This fits the description of Mecha Zangief very well, and he had already shown up in a background. Whether he will be playable in Street Fighter X Tekken is a very different question. Although with him showing up in two trailers, the odds are looking much better.

Trailer 3, has us absolutely puzzled. While it shows some clear snippets, they are of the color red, a boot and some other things which are common to several characters. In fact the third trailer does remind us of some characters, but the ones it reminds us of have already been revealed.

While we would like to go crazy with guesses, it doesn’t seem like anything is confirmed form that one. The boot looks quite a bit like Abel’s, but he was confirmed quite a bit ago. One person has suggested R Mika, but it is still unclear. She would be a very obscure choice for Street Fighter X Tekken.

In other news, the release date has been confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken: March 6 for North America and March 9 for Europe. The game will also feature a special edition that includes:

  • Street Fighter X Tekken game
  • Mini arcade cabinet
  • UDON comic
  • All the pre-order gem packs, plus more for the pre-order. This makes a total of 45 gems for the game.

And then there are these:

Street Fighter X Tekken Mokujin

Mokujin is there for sure. Some people are also saying Lars and Law.

This looks a lot like Paul.

Xiaoyu is definitely in this one.

As usual be sure to check out Capcom Unity for more info.


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