Steel Strider Review - Wrecking Backgrounds

Steel Strider Explosion

Steel Strider Review – Wrecking Backgrounds

Steel Strider is the sequel to Gigantic Army that we covered for you in the past.

Steel Strider Background Boss

What is 100 miles away from you can hurt you in this game. Once it jumps to you.

Beautiful Backgrounds Return in Steel Strider

With Gigantic Army we were most impressed with all the action going on in the background. Fortunately that action returns in this game. The first boss destroys an allied fleet miles behind you and proceeds to jump over to you and attack.

Steel Strider Weapons

Many of the weapons have quite a kick to them. Limited ammo means you need to budget it for bosses on higher difficulties.

Steel Strider Weapons

Railguns, rockets and your standard shotgun are all part of the game. On that same note the enemies carry similar weapons from laser to rail rifles; each one has quite a kick to it.

Steel Strider and a Pleasant Surprise

It can be hard to see what sets Steel Strider apart at first. Fortunately you will find out the hook very early on: destructible environments that enemies use to their advantage. Both bosses and normal enemies can damage parts of the stage.

Steel Strider Bridge Breaker

Want to avoid falling off of a bridge that the boss breaks while dodging shots? Well, he is going to make you do that.

For example, this boss destroys the platform you fight him on. Even small enemy bombers can blow up the bridge you are using to cross an area. This adds another level to the challenge as the enemy uses the area against you.

Steel Strider Story
Narrative text blocks are back as well, filling you in on the story.
Steel Strider and the “Dark Hell Company”

Steel Strider’s story deals with a mercenary group attacking a planet. As always you are vastly outnumbered but as a small battle suit controlled by the player you are still going to kill everyone.

Environmental Platforming and Steel Strider

Weapons also have set physics. Some bosses have elevation and range on you so you will have to time your jet pack jumps perfectly to hit them.

Intricately Animated Steel Strider

Each enemy has multiple parts, many of which move independently. It’s a darker, grittier game than Gigantic Army but at the same time has even more detail.

Steel Strider Elevator Boss

Some bosses instead use the cramped quarters to their advantage.

Excellent Controls for the Steel Strider

As in any game like this the controls need to be great. Whether you are playing with a keyboard or controller the battle suit reacts perfectly to your presses.

Final Verdict: 4/5 – Great – Great controls, gritty art and an interesting environmental destruction mechanic make this one great platformer. Only the fact that it is a platformer and the gameplay has mostly been seen before keeps it from receiving a perfect score. Despite this it is an incredible deal at $5.99 USD. If you enjoy shooters or platforming games then this is a great title for you.

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