Space Dandy episode 10 - Calendar Battle


Space Dandy episode 10 – Calendar Battle

Space Dandy episode 10 is about the crew going back to Meow’s home planet and staying with his family. Meow is not very enthusiastic to begin with. Dandy and Meow’s family bring up his past and make Meow think about why he left it all behind. Then some power from the Gogol fight in the beginning of the episode hits the calendar and makes the crew relive the same day over and over. At first the crew does not know what is going on, then they make excuses, and finally they think they have super powers before the narrator sets them straight. At first the crew messes around even after finding out that the day was not going to change. Meow takes the chance to explore what his life would have been like if he had stayed on his home planet. After things do not go as planned the crew works on taking the page off the calendar to finally change the day.

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It was about time there was an episode of Space Dandy about Meow. Meow comes back to his home planet and at first he seems pretty down about it. After being stuck there a while he starts to explore some of the things he had dismissed when he was younger like marrying a girl on his planet and being his father’s heir. Unfortunately the girl that he is interested in happens to be a lesbian. Also while he seems to get into his father’s work and his father looks cool fixing the calendar problem for the group there is still a problem. His dad does not even know what the things he makes are for besides to go inside an appliance. So if Meow worked for him he would be toiling away to make something that from his perspective would be pointless. So Meow reaffirms that he made the correct decision leaving his planet even if his life isn’t as exciting as it seems most of the time aboard the Aloha Oe.

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The idea of someone reliving the same day over and over again is not new, but Space Dandy put its own spin on it. Meow considered changing his life, but found out that he liked his life the way it was from his time trying to embrace his home planet. Also the way to change the day was actually the calendar instead of changing himself which is often the case. Having the group try to fight a calendar was pretty amusing. Meow’s dad also got a moment in the spotlight fixing the calendar for the group that was nice. It helped the audience to see why Meow looked up to his dad when he was young. Space Dandy does a great job taking a tired idea and making it interesting. Hopefully there is another episode like this later on.

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