Samurai Flamenco episode 22 and Series Review


Samurai Flamenco episode 22 and Series Review

Samurai Flamenco episode 22 was a wreck like I anticipated. I would like to say that I expected it to end like this, but who saw Samurai Flamenco getting nude in front of a school aged kid? Also the marriage proposal was out of nowhere. While Hazama had always shown a lot of interest in Goto the feeling was never mutual, so there was no reason for a proposal.

The nudity was totally out of character for Samurai Flamenco. He exposed himself to a school aged boy. Is that not against the law in Japan? What happened to following the law? If he had just stayed in his underwear he still could have made his point.

Samurai Flamenco episode 22 Virgin

One of the most important questions addressed in episode 22.

The marriage proposal and offer to do whatever Goto’s girlfriend would have done was out of place. Goto was not going to take him up on that. Samurai Flamenco could have alienated Goto and had him kill both of them. There is no reason that the marriage proposal and baka shouting should have knocked Goto out of it.

Also the ending was the perfect time to have Goto decide to stop texting himself as his old girlfriend. Instead they just make it look like that is what is going to happen and then have him keep it up. How annoying can the writers be? Have the characters grow and move on from this experience at least. What was the point if at the end everything is the same and your characters have learned nothing?

Samurai Flamenco episode 22 punchSamurai Flamenco episode 22 control yourself

Samurai Flamenco should know better than to go near her naked.

So in the end there was absolutely no reason to have the episodes after Alien Flamenco was destroyed. The characters experienced no growth from it and it added nothing of value to the story as a whole.

Series Review

Samurai Flamenco had quite a ride. Unfortunately at the end of the ride the car stopped on the tracks.

The changes in the type of sentai throughout the show was very interesting. None of the different genres got old because it quickly moved on to the next. It gave the show a range of interest and made it different from a lot of shows out there.

Unfortunately at the end the writers seemed to run out of new ideas for sentai shows and just made a big mess. The whole love, nudity and marriage proposal thing was not inspired.

Overall I liked most of the series and enjoyed the way it was going until the end. I would not suggest anyone watch after the episode Alien Flamenco is defeated. Unless you like boy’s love in which case skip to episode 22.

Samurai Flamenco episode 22 Flamenco Girl Face

Scary but still not quite as scary as the end of this show.

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