Samurai Flamenco episode 21 - How am I supposed to love?


Samurai Flamenco episode 21 – How am I supposed to love?

Samurai Flamenco episode 21 is about Flamenco learning about love.

The final battle and the villain only became that way because the first thing he felt was for Samurai Flamenco. If Samurai Flamenco had not chosen peace Sawada might have never become a villain to keep Flamenco the same to keep those feelings. Apparently the only way to fight feelings is with more feelings, so Flamenco is coming armed with love. This is the final frontier and now they are battling with emotions. How far things have fallen since Alien Flamenco.

Samurai Flamenco episode 21 Goto

Samurai Flamenco is sending me mixed signals. During the fugitive arc Samurai Flamenco was supposed to depend on his friends and now being a hero is all about loneliness. Samurai Flamenco has not been alone much during this series. He has almost always had Goto or other friends. This last part of the series is the only time where there has been almost no one willing to help him. Also if a hero’s secret weapon is love then it would be hard to use it if the hero is lonely or alone. The most important kind of love for a hero would be love for other people that would drive them to risk their lives to take care of the people. If a hero was truly alone and lonely then what reason would they have to take care of others? Maybe a hero can not share that part of their life with other, but surely they spend their normal life around others.

The whole idea that Samurai Flamenco has no idea what love is and has to be told in tons of detail is silly. When I saw him ask how he was supposed to love I just was in shock. Surely in his life he has had the idea of love explained to him and he appears to have felt love for his grandfather. So why would he need advice on it? It feels like next his manager will be having the sex talk with him.

Samurai Flamenco episode 21 love talk

That awkward time you have to tell a grown man about love.

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