Samurai Flamenco episode 20 - All In Your Head


Samurai Flamenco episode 20 – All In Your Head

Samurai Flamenco episode 20 is about the middle school kid doing things to piss off Flamenco. The kid wants to be Samurai Flamenco’s personal nemesis. So when doing things to Flamenco does not get him the reaction he wants he also hurts Flamenco’s friends. It isn’t until the kid threatens Goto that he finally gets the reaction he wants. Unfortunately no one believes this kid is even around or can see him.

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Samurai Flamenco has gone through all the different aspects of sentai and there has been a fight with an alien on the moon. Now in the absolutely final stage of the show what is Samurai Flamenco doing? Talking on the phone telling someone that he will kill them if they follow through with their threat. Also people do not even believe that the person he is talking to exists. This is on the bad horror movie level plot wise right now. There had better be some impressive twist that makes this bearable, but I do not see this coming. I have been with this show through it all and every other part was more impressive than this and it is the ending. A lot of people believe the ending is the most important part of the show and they are bringing this weak storyline in now!

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A big problem with this Samurai Flamenco storyline is the timing.  If this had come as a lead up to King Torture it would have been more appropriate. Torture trying to woo Flamenco and become his nemesis while making Flamenco believe it was all in his head before revealing himself would have been better. It would have made more sense hurting Flamenco’s friends as well since he was closer to them then and they were important to his daily life. Now the group has grown apart, so it does not make as much sense that Flamenco would automatically think the enemy would hurt them. Also the group has already dealt with a large variety of villains and all of them were more menacing. Why am I now supposed to care about a guy that has mostly pulled nasty pranks? After all the build up during the series getting bigger and bigger these last couple of episode have been a major letdown. It feels like they are just trying to fill time without a plan.

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