Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 - Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 Rei

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 – Sailor Mars

This episode of Sailor Moon Crystal introduces Sailor Mars to the team. People are being spirited away by a bus and it just happens to be near a shrine. Rei is a miko at the shrine and tries to find out what is happening to the people. When Rei is abducted onto the bus she is taken to where all the others are being held. Sailor Moon manages to get onto the bus as well. During the confrontation with the villain it is revealed that Rei is Sailor Mars and she defeats the villain.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 Rei's weird hands

Look at those crazy hands.

Comparison to the Original Sailor Moon Anime

The original Sailor Moon anime changed quite a bit of the story. Sailor Moon went to the shrine to get an amulet along with her friends and then met up with Rei’s perverted grandpa. Rei’s grandpa let Jadeite work at the shrine, so in the original anime he was working the whole thing from the shrine instead of the bus. Also Sailor Moon is a big baby in the old anime and refuses to get on the bus the first time she gets a chance to and has to watch girls be taken away. Those are just some of the many differences since the manga story was just used to decide how Jadeite would collect energy. The scouts do not even fight against Jadeite in the original anime. The original episode fit with the way that anime had been approaching the series, but luckily this time around the anime is following the manga more closely.

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Comparison to the Manga

Sailor Moon Crystal stays mostly true to the manga for the majority of the show. During the time in the alternate dimension fighting Jadeite there are some changes to the action. It actually makes the whole scene a bit better. Rather than having Rei as a hostage that they just throw a wand to and she starts fighting for no reason like the in the manga she decides to help them on her own. In Crystal Rei feels like one of the group before joining because they have powers just like she does. Because of this she decides to help them fight, so it makes more sense why she tries to wipe out the bad guy after receiving her wand. It shows her willing to fight from the beginning instead of just a girl waiting to be rescued.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 Usagi Flight Attendant

Creep Factor in Sailor Moon Crystal

When Jadeite talks about how attracted he is to Rei while she is passed out in Crystal it is super creepy. It is from the manga, but in there he says from the minute he saw her he was attracted to her rather than that he had never seen her. Also Sailor Moon interrupts the moment to tell him to stay away from her. It gives the whole thing a feeling like he might have done something to her if he had not been interrupted. In the manga, Jadeite was obviously ready for Sailor Moon instead of being distracted by an unconscious girl. In this instance, I feel that Sailor Moon Crystal should have stayed closer to the manga because it should not have been so creepy.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 Beautiful Rei

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3 Attracted to Rei

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