Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 begins by introducing Ami as a smart student that is not very friendly. She is the star of the new cram school Crystal Seminar. The seminar uses a special crystal disk with the students that is supposed to help them raise their scores. Usagi quickly befriends Ami and is disturbed when she finds out that Crystal Seminar is just a front for the bad guys. She goes to save Ami and ends up being helped out by Ami instead. That is after Ami turns into Sailor Mercury.

Comparison to the Original Sailor Moon Anime

The biggest difference between Sailor Moon Crystal and the original is that in the original Mercury did not join Sailor Moon until episode 8. Sailor Moon got a chance to fight on her own for a while before getting her first partner. The Sailor Moon Crystal version is more accurate having Ami show up right after the first fight.

Sailor Moon episode 8 Ami revealed

Another difference is that the original anime spends a while criticizing parents for being so strict on their kids at the beginning of the original. It even goes so far as to ask what the point behind going through all this schooling is which is a good point in a lot of cases. These kids spend their childhoods working so hard to be in the best schools and get the best grades. Then after school is over they can spend their whole adulthood trying to be the best at work. Sailor Moon Crystal spends more time on the characters instead of trying to make a point about education of children in Japan.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 Ami Revealed

Also the original anime focused more on Sailor Moon doing things alone. Ami did not even show up until well into the episode. Overall she only shows up for a few minutes. Sailor Moon Crystal did a much better job showing off of the new sailor scout.

Comparison to the Manga

Sailor Moon Crystal is still staying very close to the manga, but has its own little differences. One thing that was different is that the anime has modernized the computers other electronics. It no longer looks like something from the 90’s. The manga may have had a nice computer for back then, but the new anime has a futuristic computer. There are also some weird light up stairs for no good reason.

Also the Sailor V game has been changed. In the manga and original anime Sailor V uses a gun against enemies. In the new anime she uses melee attacks and magic powers. It is actually more accurate in the current anime to how Sailor Venus actually fights in the show. That is probably why they decided to change it.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 new Sailor V

The action scene with the enemy was also changed. Rather than having Ami being held hostage while Sailor Moon tries to attack the enemy it is Sailor Moon that is in danger. This makes Sailor Mercury more of the focus since she is the one to turn things around. It was a good change.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 Sailor Moon in Trouble

Sailors Having a Stronger Connection to Their Pasts in Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal appears to not just be a more romantic angle to the series. The individual sailors appear to have some memory deep inside that is not hinted at as much in the other versions. When Usagi and Ami met there was a flash of the Moon Kingdom like Ami was remembering something. Also during the confrontation with the enemy Ami had a stronger connection to the transformation wand than in the original. It kept her from fully falling under the spell of the enemy.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 monster

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