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Project Zomboid developers robbed, some fans are idiots

In a recent statement by the Project Zomboid developers, the Indie Stone announced that they had been robbed. This led to a ridiculous chain of events culminating in several users claiming this was all a scam and a drunken backlash from Lemmy.

Project Zomboid fan made diagram

A fan made diagram of some angry posts Lemmy made.

Lemmy reported that his flat door had been broken into and their laptops had been stolen. They had not made any recent backups, so they had lost their most recent work, not all of it. He brought the news to fans only to be met with a chorus of “scammer,” “idiot” and various other negative comments.

The negative feedback got to Lemmy, who said some angry things back. You can read Lemmy’s apology here. Honestly though, almost anyone would react the same way after losing a month or more of work. Not only that but his privacy was destroyed and he lost more than one laptop. Perhaps after this experience, he will consider installing Monitored alarms around his home to ensure that he is alerted to any future break-ins – surveillance options could also help to identify the would-be burglars.

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Nonetheless, let’s go on to the idiots who are yelling “scam”. It makes absolutely no sense for them to pull this as a scam. With or without being burgled, they could have taken this to multiple kickstarter style programs and gotten huge donations even before they took it to Desura. They could have done official streams for donations, hundreds of different revenue sources were available to them. Project Zomboid was not hard up for cash nor publicity. Project Zomboid is one of the most popular games on Desura.

On top of that, they have official police reports that they could show you. Do they need to show the mobile locksmith Lexington bill for replacing the door lock as well? Their insurance claim (that is if they have one)? Any one of these can prove what happened did happen.

But would they be dumb enough to try to fake this with the police for attention and for money they could have already gotten? Wasting police time with fake reports can easily land you in jail. Not to mention fake insurance claims. None of that adds up at all, and if it were just for publicity there were many sites that could have given them as much if not more. The knee-jerk morons who yelled “fake” do it with no sense of logic.

Now then, there is the fact that they didn’t have a recent off-site backup of Project Zomboid. While there is some validity to this criticism, it’s hard to do constant backups of every change. They are a new company of course. In my opinion, the only thing they did that was worthy of any backlash was responding to the hate at all. But then I’ve had my apartment burgled when I was younger, it’s an awful experience. You would probably react the same way.

Our thoughts go out to the Project Zomboid team, and we hope they can overcome this and get back on their feet. We also hope they get a flat in a better neighborhood or invest in better security for their home. They still have a significant amount of work done, so they should be able to recover. They even said as much themselves, and we will continue covering them.

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  • charlie
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 19:56 pm

    Scam or not, calling the people that sent you money fucking cunts is inappropriate and they should 100% be able to get a refund. If they are so loaded with all this cash, then they can afford to refund the people that have lost faith in them (lets face it they are ‘accident’ after ‘accident’ over there, terrible businessmen and have little to no self-control).

    • admin
      Oct 16, 2011 @ 21:41 pm

      It’s quite understandable to be upset with Lemmy. His reaction was of course unacceptable but understandable. But it’s a shame to see the other team members suffer over this, also he won’t be handling their writing anymore. This game has quite a bit of potential so we don’t want to see it die over one mistake by one member. While some other members have said some things, none of it was unacceptable.

      And to put it in perspective, some other indie companies have done as bad or worse. They were just better at covering it up. It’s, at least, good to see it out in the open.


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