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Planetside 2 Beta

The Planetside 2 crew is starting their next wave of beta invites. They have also started  a serious media blitz for the game. Community events are starting up all over to promote the game.

The Planetside 2 Beta Events

Apparently they had a haircut event called buzzed for beta. People got their hair cut to support the game.  We also saw some special shoes and an actual event where they could play the game. We are a little confused as to what shoes and buzz-cuts have to do with the game, but it was definitely good to see it in action. Planetside 2 is looking quite good so far.

The Planetside 2 Technical Test

Some of you may already have it. Around 4 or 5 thousand people have been invited to check out these tests. Right now the beta is quite limited so you may want to check out their Facebook or Twitter for more info later.

The Planetside 2 Classes

It seems that the classes have taken a turn towards normal modern FPS styles. Such as having a light class that has C4 and lets you go around behind the enemy. This is a fairly standard change for most FPS games these days. Only time will tell whether these class changes will add to or detract from the game. However as you might expect there will be a great many players in each battlezone, which is what really matters for Planetside players.

Planetside 2 Cinematics

Getting into the Planetside 2 Beta

Right now All Access members and current Planetside subs have priority for keys. This will change over time as they believe the game comes to a more complete stage. This is only natural as developers do not like being judged on incomplete products. Be sure to check out their official site. They also have an official Youtube channel that you can check out.

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