OSD Founder Leaves, Launches Stack-Up.org

OSD Front Page

OSD Founder Leaves, Launches Stack-Up.org

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) founder Stephen Machuga voluntarily vacated his position as secretary on the Board of Directors today. He created a new charity called Stack-Up.org.

Details on the OSD Split

Both sides have put a positive spin on the event. OSD officials such as Glenn Banton point out that they are “thankful for Stephen’s early vision and entrepreneurial spirit in founding OSD” while Machuga himself says “OSD is a tremendous organization that supports veterans through a variety of ways, but I personally wanted to get back to the original missions and values on which I founded the charity”.

We’ll probably never know if there are any behind-the-scenes politics at work here. Both sides have decided to keep things civil and that is probably for the best here. We do know that this came up quite suddenly and it will be interesting to watch the changes.
Stack-Up Site

This is the new Stack-Up site. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here after splitting off from OSD.

The Differences Between Stack-UP and OSD

OSD has grown significantly and focuses on creating large streaming competitions to draw in more donations. They create particularly large supply drops for soldiers overseas and also provide additional support for veterans. Stack-Up is attempting to create a grassroots, local support network which works on a smaller and more personal scale.

Changes to OSD

From what we’ve seen so far not much will change with OSD due to the split. Having a new charity competing for the same sort of donations may change how this sector of the industry works though. Whether competition will be a good thing for each charity remains to be seen.

Helping Each Charity

Our links at the top will take you to each site. We will continue to support OSD but you should look at each one yourself and decide where you want your money to go.

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