OSD Announces Loot Crate Special Drop- Surprising Swag

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OSD Announces Loot Crate Special Drop- Surprising Swag

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) now has a Loot Crate special drop. 2,000 lucky gamers/soldiers received the limited edition Call of Duty: Black Ops III crate.
What Loot Crate Does

Loot Crate brings a box of various fan memorabilia to your door every month. This could be a video game or perhaps a pair of anime-themed socks. While it’s not for everyone it’s the perfect fit for die-hard fans who want a lot of merchandise quickly.

OSD Battle Buddy Apparel

For those who want to support them in a huge way, this is how you do it.

 An OSD Apparel Sale
Right now they are having a sale on OSD merchandise with the code OSDxMas. It’s up to you whether you’d like to support them in that way, but we thought we’d mention it.
Upcoming Promotional Partnerships Beyond the Loot Crate
With the recent change in OSD leadership they appear to be forming many large partnerships with other brands. Officials have already confirmed that there will be several more Loot Crate events down the road.
Loot Crate and OSD Table

From board games to video games they had something for everyone in this drop.

So why does that matter? OSD is becoming a new, huge charity on the scene with these changes. Anyone interested in the charity scene, military and gaming aside, should keep tabs on this. Twitch now has a partnership with them as well.
Supporting Men and Women Like You
However you feel about the armed forces or in our case, Call of Duty, it’s important to support veterans and active duty personnel. The glitzy military life you see on screen really isn’t how it is.
Afghani Desert

Severe boredom can be a real problem in cases like this. Even if you don’t love the American government, it’s worth loving the troops.

Mostly it is a bunch of average, good people making a life for themselves. It’s important to keep that in mind when deciding whether to support OSD or not. Of course, the choice is ultimately up to you in that area. Be sure to check out the links at the top if this appeals to you.


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