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Nyu Media Third Wave Releases

The Nyu Media Third Wave is growing from a strategy of publishing Doujin games that do not usually get high-quality releases. With a wide selection of games that would never have made it over they are getting bigger than ever.

Nyu Media Third Wave Infographic

The Nyu Media Third Wave Games

This particular lineup consists of the shoot em’ ups you would expect and some new surprises. We are glad to see some more variety in the lineup here. Let us go down each one.

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm

A 2D fighter that we have covered previously. In a market dominated by the heavy hitters of 2D fighter they are trying new things with mechanics. They have support from GGPO and celebrity commentators like Jchensor, UltraDavid and Maximilian. They’re also trying to build a larger community for this game.

Croixleur on Steam

We’ve covered this enjoyable beat em’ up earlier for you. Now it is coming to Steam and those who already have it can get a new version as well.

Gigantic Army

This game is a 2D mech action side-scroller. You play as an incredibly powerful mech brimming with guns. The graphics are quite nice and the gameplay looks fantastic. We are greatly excited to see how this one turns out.

ARMED SEVEN and Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser from ASTRO PORT

It just wouldn’t be a Doujin lineup without some side scrolling shoot em’ ups. Both of these games are in that genre. ARMED SEVEN prides itself on some interesting weapons. Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser is a parody of many different 70’s Giant Robot shows. They look fairly good but we’ll have to wait and see what they add to the genre.

Where the Nyu Media Third Wave Goes from Here

If you enjoy these games then check out their main page. They are also going to try to get these on Steam eventually. We think this is a big company to watch later on.


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