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NCSOFT Gains Powerful Attention

Videogames are changing the world today. You have no doubt read already about how politicians around the world either hate or love them. Today we want to talk about how Maria Miller recently visited NCSOFT Europe and why big business, gaming and politics are becoming intertwined.

Why are Gaming and Politics Intertwined?

The most obvious reason is that games are now a big part of many lives. With the mainstream success of NCSOFT and many others people from all walks of life are playing. With that came big money and a big focus. Depending on which politician you ask games are either destroying or preserving the world. The same can be said in the media as well. Depending on who you are reading articles from gaming is either a great way to relieve stress or a huge waste of time. All of these have now put gaming into the forefront.

Maria Miller Visits NCSOFT

Why Maria Miller Visited NCSOFT Europe

The most important reason is that she is the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in Britain. Just having a position like this pay attention to gaming shows how important it has become. Politicians also like it because it is easy to spin into examples of how gaming benefits the economy and culture of a country. Miller participated in a round table discussion of how gaming is changing the world. MP Mike Weatherley also visited the company to discuss things as well.

What to Learn from the Maria Miller Visit

The main thing we can take away is that gaming is now extremely important to every first-world country and is indeed the same in many second-world ones. It looks like the media and politicians will become more and more intertwined. We personally can see a huge number of negative and positive things that will be brought to the industry with this such as:

  • Increased opportunities for developers to meet with influential people
  • Unfair incentives for companies that get close to politicians
  • Increased visibility for the industry
  • Greater incentive to appeal to family-friendly interests
  • The growth of groups such as Ukie that are made to form partnerships like this

Those are of course in no particular order and you can probably think of some yourself. We will keep watching the situation so tell us how you feel about it if you have time.


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