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My Little Pony Fighter: Fighting is Magic

Rejoice or recoil in horror depending on whether you are a fan. While I must admit I’m recoiling, it’s my duty to tell you fans are working on a My Little Pony fighter.

That’s right in the My Little Pony fighter you will be able to beat up your friends as Applejack, Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash. While we have not seen any specials from the ponies as of yet, we can likely expect to see a Sonic Rainboom.There also appears to be a super gauge, which is pretty normal for fighters these days.

This game is being put together by an extremely small team known as Mane 6. You can check out their website here where they will be keeping track of which characters they are currently working on. Right now there are a full 17 character slots, many of which remain unfilled.

As you can see below the animation is at least not too bad. It looks quite good and follows the art style of the show. While you may not be a fan, as long as it looks decent and plays fine it could be a decent game. However we haven’t really heard anything about how well the game actually plays at this early stage.

What is even more interesting is that the game is receiving some major attention from media outlets. Even Gamepro has done a feature on this particular. There seems to be a common thread that we share, no one knows what the heck to make of this game. While many people hate the series itself, that doesn’t necessarily mean this game will be bad.

The My Little Pony Fighter is in a pre-alpha so the fighting is very rough. Updates are coming periodically from the game’s developers and we will have more information later on. We’ll have to wait and see whether brutalizing your friends is magic.

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