Monster Truck Destruction Review

Monster Truck Destruction Larger Arena

Monster Truck Destruction Review

Do you love racing games? This isn’t for you. Do you love destruction games? Also not for you. If you hardcore absolutely love Monster Truck games, then this is for you.

Monster Truck Destruction –  Significant Content, Itty-Bitty Arenas

Both the normal drag strip and freestyle areas are extremely small early on. They get bigger as you progress through the levels but never quite reach the point of free-roam which would really help the game.

Monster Truck Destruction Missing Start

We also found a bug which caused the starting lights to disappear. Only restarting the round would fix it. This happened multiple times.

Fortunately the game does have one thing that works well, there are a large number of monster trucks and each one has several upgrades. You can fine-tune your personal car in dozens of ways. This is where the game shines.

Monster Truck Destruction Ramming the AI

In this picture there was enough time to win the race, drive over to the other racer and then charge them.

Monster Truck Destruction – Artificial Stupidity

Computer opponents in the drag race are equally likely to complete the lap as to spiral into the stands, hit 3 barrels, and drift over to your side of the track. While this happens less on the larger tracks it does still come up at times. Most players would probably put their hands on their face with frustration at something like this.

MTD Freestyle

Handling a monster truck in freestyle mode will often leave you looking like this until you’ve had significant practice.

Free-styling Monster Trucks

Fortunately not all the modes have to do with races. You can also flip around and do tricks on the freestyle map. Unfortunately the controls bother most players due to the fact that the trucks act like real monsters trucks. Their handling is rather bad due to the sheer size of each one. Due to this free-styling properly is done only with significant practice.

Monster Truck Destruction Car Selection

There are many choices for trucks and upgrades.

Monster Truck Destruction – Two Types of People

Only two types of people are going to enjoy this game. Here they are:

  1. Incredibly huge fans of monster trucks that have posters of them plastered all over the house.
  2. Youtubers/Streamers who want a ridiculously terrible game that will make people laugh.

We’ll probably stream this for you at some point for reason 2. If this title gains notoriety in that way then it could easily become a new “Big Rigs Truckers” or a similar game. So if you enjoy streaming games that do not quite have that a AAA level of polish then this is for you.

MTD Engine Upgrades

If you really enjoy upgrading your vehicle this game might also work for you.

Final Verdict 2/5: Unfortunately having a large amount of cars and upgrades cannot save the game from a plethora of other flaws. Despite this the developer is working on it constantly and updating many things about the game which keeps it from being completely terrible. We hope that with a few additional months or even years of work it could become an excellent game. Multiplayer is also going to be a part of the game later on but is in the early stages. You can buy it for a very inexpensive $4.99 USD on Steam.

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