Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales Break 32 Million


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales Break 32 Million

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Receives Incredible Sales and High Scores Ever
With over 32 million copies sold and incredibly high reviews from fans and critics alike it is their most successful “Monhan” ever.

Another Monster Hunter Milestone

Recently they hit another milestone, shipping over 1 million units in the United States and Europe. Fans will also be able to download a free celebratory theme to celebrate and will receive some additional content as well.

Good News for Fans
Anyone who follows the series knows that you have to wait some time for these games. With the huge commercial success here we could see that schedule ramp up. Ideally we could someday see more of these on PC, but that’s just the dream.
Promotion Makes the Difference
So why is this game more than a cult classic and is now a phenomenon here? Capcom promoted it correctly. There was even a recent event at Six Flags to bring the game into the real world. As such Monster Hunter is quickly becoming their flagship product. However, there’s no word about working on a Monster Hunter World Cross Platform service just yet, so fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds.
Monster Hunter Kirin
Buying Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Other than going to the normal stores you can also get it in a number of places Online as well. If you’re a big fan of the series you probably already have a copy. We’re interested to see where Capcom and Nintendo take this next.
Monster Hunter 4 Teamwork
Monster Hunter for the Uninitiated
Combining massive content with collection quests, interesting gameplay and intimidating monsters this series is a fan-favorite in many parts of Japan, Europe and the United States. Teamwork is also a big part of the game.
Monster Hunter 4 Environments

Environments are quite beautiful in this game.

Finally the art style has a singular appeal which draws people in so be sure to take a look at that if you’ve never played this series before.
The Future for Monster Hunter
Right now it looks like an MMO formula is the future for this game. We believe that this may speed up the release of the series in the United States and Europe. You should judge for yourself though but this is what normally happens with a game that shows massively increased sales.

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