Lumo Preview - A Nostalgic Evolution


Lumo Preview – A Nostalgic Evolution

Lumo contains a world where genres smash into each other to create a new narrative. Come explore that world with us for a bit.

Lumo Box Room

Some puzzles change the levels in interesting ways.

Lumo and Isometric Gameplay

A few of you remember the game Landstalker. It was one of a few games that used an isometric sideways perspective. Lumo uses the same basic gameplay and perspective. It’s an evolution of this formula.

Rising Star Games Picks Winners

Rising Star Games published or created some of the best games ever. These include Deadly Premonition and No More Heroes. If their track record stays true then it will be an instant classic.

Lumo Robot Room

Some of the rooms have interesting themes.

Lumo Wrapped in Secrecy

Everyone involved with the game believes this is the next big thing. You won’t see a lot of details from gaming sites. We will tell you everything we can about this intriguing title.

Lumo Digitization

We enjoyed the classic Tron movie so this digitization works for us.

Lumo and a Nostalgic Story

You play as a kid warped into a retro video game world. Each game blends into another in this new world. You must gain new powers and knowledge to escape this dangerous world.

Lumo and Sound Design

The music so far is phenomenal. Songs shift from area to area and they change when big events happen. From mysterious to upbeat the game is always playing a fitting theme.

Lumo OST

The soundtrack really fits every area.

The soundtrack is available in the deluxe edition as well. From what we’ve heard so far it is excellent. Someone put a large amount of effort into this section.

Examining the Lumo Trailer

We aren’t supposed to go in-depth on the early build since the developers have many surprises for you. Fortunately for us the gameplay trailer is out.

As you can see from the above video it does have basic platforming elements. It also mixes in gameplay from some old games such as:

That isn’t counting the various deathtraps in most rooms. Collectibles abound in the game as well. We can’t go over everything they unlock yet but we promise it’s interesting.

Lumo Spike Room

Some rooms offer quite a challenge.

Why is Lumo an Evolution?

It seamlessly blends gameplay from at least eight games into one. It does this without feeling clunky or hard to play. We can’t wait to see how far they take it with the final product.

Lumo Game Choices

Even early on the game has something for every player.

Something for Everyone

The game has two modes: Adventure and Old School. Adventure gives you an easy and light-hearted game with save features. You have infinite lives as well. Old School gives you no save function, a few lives and no map. They thought of both hardcore and casual players for this game.

Lumo Hidden Room

Hidden rooms are a big part of the fun.

Over 400 Rooms of Content

You’ll explore more than 400 unique rooms. Over that time you’ll find enough collectibles to unlock hidden parts of the game. It all adds up to an amazing game world.

Lumo Love Box

A few boxes love you in this game. They’re also part of some puzzles.

Lumo on Steam

Unfortunately Lumo does not come out until May 24th. They are still polishing up parts of the game. It already runs well though and they likely don’t have a lot of work left to do. Check it out for yourself if you want a game that goes beyond nostalgia.

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