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Legends of Eisenwald World Map

Legends of Eisenwald Early Access Preview

Legends of Eisenwald attempts to bring the gameplay style of Heroes of Might and Magic with the accessibility of Steam Workshop.


Legends of Eisenwald Typical Battle

An average battle has quite a bit going on but follows the rules you would expect.


Traditional Turn-Based Gameplay

For those familiar with grid-based RPG systems it’s much the same with this game. You have front line fighters, archers, healers and buffers in this game. We suspect there will be quite a bit of variation down the road for the game.

Legends of Eisenwald Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop will either make or break this game in the long run.


Legends of Eisenwald and the Steam Workshop Edge

Their Steam Workshop is already finished and helps the title stand out from the crowd. We’re wondering just how much you will be able to make in the final release. If the fan base grows and flourishes it could become the Elder Scrolls of turn-based RPGs.

Legends of Eisenwald Cow and Spoon

The backgrounds for towns and taverns are quite nice even at this stage.


Early Access and Artwork

Despite the very early stage of the game some of the 2D art is quite nice.

Equipment Screen

We’re curious as to what players will be able to do in the area of equipment and skills with Steam workshop.


Mechanics and Skills of Eisenwald

There is of course already a fully functional system for skills and equipment. Base items and upgrades fit in with the medieval theme you would expect. From what we’ve played so far it all works very well together.

Early Access Additions

Right now you can get the game for $19.99 on Steam. For those picking it up early we should let you know that it’s far from done. We had some issues with the sound and we believe some of the 3D graphics will improve over time. However this game shows limitless promise due to the excellent engine and a collection of editing tools they are calling the Ether Editor. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


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