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Lazy Brain Games Developer Spotlight

We live in a great era when even very small developers can get funding and make amazing games. Lazy Brain Games is one of these developers.

On the opposite end, we are in an era where DLC is rampant and major games are getting extremely expensive. Fortunately Johnny B. makes cheap to free 8-bit games. He has all of these up on his site Lazy Brain Games.

But why should you care? While Johnny doesn’t have much of a staff, he has some greatly innovative ideas that could later make a huge splash on the scene. You can find some really fresh, exciting ideas here.

Lazy Brain Games Factorum

Our first entry is a little game called Factorium. You play as what appears to be a robotic (silver) surfer who has to stop a planet from being overrun with hybrid robot/plant life. But what makes this game unique? Instead of having a normal “hit button” approach to this shoot-em-up you drag attacks from a menu bar. Fire and Ice are basic, but there are a ton of different abilities to use.

Factorium is fast-paced and unique in its presentation, as you must drag the most useful abilities while dodging bullets. It is a good idea which could be implemented on a much larger scale.

Lazy Brain Games Infernal Edge

Our next game is Infernal Edge. The game is shades of Contra, but with another unique twist. You spend the game crawling through an infested base, filled with buzz saws. You also have to use a hook to avoid the aforementioned traps, and it plays a vital role in many boss fights.

Overall this game is quite good for its diverse gameplay styles, and a unique twist on 2d platforming. Johnny is working on a sequel to this which promises to be much larger. Almost every game he has done has some sort of interesting and unique hook that makes it noteworthy.

While we have already mentioned his site, he sometimes puts his projects on 8-bit Funding. The site has the same basic premise of Kickstarter, but is mostly used for smaller projects. It is the perfect size for this sort of game, so check it out. With that we wish Johnny and Lazy Brain Games the best of luck, and we will keep you posted on larger projects in the future.


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