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Killing Floor Christmas Event

This Christmas Killing Floor is going into Space. For some strange reason the new map is going to be a moon base. Nothing gives that holiday spirit like the cold void of space.

New Killing Floor content

This update has several pieces of new content for you to check out:

  • A new map, the Horzine Moonbase. They promise low-gravity fun on this particular map.
  • An axe from the game Dwarfs!? This comes with a special condition to unlock the weapon.
  • A special Zed Eradication Device, which is a map feature on the moon base.
  • The Schneidzekk medic gun is out as well with a high rate of fire

These all of course come with new achievements as well. Unfortunately they have not released a new unlockable character with them. Hopefully we will get one during another holiday.

Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 2012 enemies

Killing Floor X Dwarfs?!

We are seeing Tripwire try to cross-promote their games here. You can either buy Dwarfs!? or get 40K gold in the free version of Dwarfs!? Will we be seeing more of this from Tripwire? Probably.

Killing Floor and the Baddest Santa

As usual you have the same specimens. You also can unlock the Baddest Santa once again. They are also releasing a robotic character pack and gold-plated skins for several weapons. All of these are DLC you can get.

How to get in on the Twisted Christmas

As usual you can get Killing Floor and various DLC on Steam. For those who do not have it, it almost always goes on sale. So just hold on a bit until the Christmas sale. Killing Floor is basically the flagship game of Tripwire for a reason, and is still quite fun after all this time. We just hope that we get a new class or another level of perks some day in the far off future.

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