Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32 Girls Won't Fall for Stiffs Like You

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 32

In this episode the Joestars are in one of the most underrated fights in Stardust Crusaders but also one many of us enjoyed the most.

The Rundown for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 32

As usual the episode starts out with nothing much happening. There is a rambunctious stowaway causing trouble who appears to be a young boy. The kid jumps overboard and has to be saved from both a shark and stand. In perhaps the least shocking turn of the series the boy turns out to be a girl.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32 Jotaro Saves Girl

The whole situation leaves them very confused as to who the stand user is. They think it might be the girl but they don’t know. Fortunately the captain comes by and starts acting super evil to Jotaro which makes both him and every watcher with a brain suspicious. Jotaro uses a simple trick of saying stand users have a vein pop up on their nose when they smell cigarette smoke. This tricks the captain and the stand users to check their nose.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32 Nose Check

The captain admits it is him and grabs the girl, taking her hostage in the water. He has a brutal fight with Jotaro where he uses his razor fins in a whirlpool along with barnacles to drain Jojo’s stamina. Oddly enough Deep Blue Moon seems to have more than one stand power. Araki is, let’s say, flexible about what stands can do at many points of the series from three to the present day.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32 Deep Blue Moon and Evil Captain

Jotaro saves up his energy and reveals that his stand can actually stretch two fingers out to fire them like a gun. Star Finger nails the stand Deep Blue Moon and defeats the user. Once again it seems that as long as your power is part of your form a user can have more than one. Araki would take this to the extreme in part 4 with the stand Killer Queen.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 32 Star Finger

The ship sink and leaves them stranded. However a massive ship shows up out of nowhere, and with no explanation, to save them.

Thoughts on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 32

For those of you first watching you’ve probably realized something. This part of the series works like a “monster of the week show” and the fights are centered on villains and heroes. If you are a fan of shows like that then it’s for you and otherwise it may not be your cup of tea. It follows this format quite a bit except in part 4 where it’s “not all these stand users are evil”, part 5 in which they dance and pose even more, part 6 where everything is boring and part 7 where it’s a weird mystery of the week.

This section certainly set the stage for that to continue throughout the series as it did. So it’s interesting to see again for that reason.


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