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Insurgency Preview

Insurgency is finally getting a stand-alone version. Come find out more about this upcoming game with us.

What was Insurgency?

Insurgency was one of the best HL2 Multiplayer mods out there. It had incredible realism, only equaled never topped. But what set it apart was a teamwork system. With the way morale and reinforcements worked, teamplay was essential. We hope they carry this same system to the new edition. You can still play the old edition here. It is worth checking out for any fps enthusiast.

Insurgency Landscapes Gameplay

The New Insurgency

We got a chance to play Insurgency recently. The shots you see are of a very early version, and should be taken as such. You should draw your own conclusions about the new game from them. Insurgency does have a worthy framework. The capture point gameplay is still there. Teamwork is still essential. There are several choices as far as guns go. However we will have to see the beta before we can give you a decent impression of it. It is just too early to tell right now. We hope that the game improves even beyond the level of the older mod.

Insurgency and Realistic Weapons

One thing we have seen so far, is that the realism is still there with the weapons. They are currently fine-tuning them but the guns all fire realistically. Iron sights work well. Overall this is a very crucial part of the game. Hopefully we will see many more weapons with this same amount of realism.

Early Access to Insurgency

You can of course get early access at the Insurgency site. The early access is $19.99 USD and will get you future versions as well. It is being developed by New World Interactive. We want to see this new team take the game to new heights.

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