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Guild Wars 2 Preview

If you are looking for Guild Wars 1, it is not here. For better or worse it has been replaced with an MMO style format in Guild Wars 2. The grand, sweeping story is not so grand nor sweeping this time around. On the other hand, combat has been improved and the interface is good.

Guild Wars 2 Preview Humans

Humans, Prepare for Boredom

The early quests for humans are less than exciting. Collect X of X, defend X for X. The game is filled with quests like this. There are tons of quests like this as well, so this is the new standard format for the game. Depending on your early choices, your starting area changes as well. This means that humans get the most boring story, with the other choices getting slightly better ones. The Norn one is miles more interesting. It still isn’t exactly grand and sweeping like Guild Wars 1.

Guild Wars 2 Preview Norns

The Norn Storyline has much more likeable characters.

Guild Wars 2 Preview Bugs

Guild Wars 2 Needs Some Work

The game is in the beta stages still. It still has some strange bugs going on, especially ones with the engine. That character is floating in the air in the picture there. Hopefully these will be ironed out by time for release.

Guild Wars 2 Preview Server vs Server

The Good News

On the upside, combat is even more fun than in the previous games. There is an in-depth combo system which teams can use to do big damage. There is also a serious focus on pets in this game. Most of the classes have some sort of pet or another. The combat can get hectic and massive, especially on the server vs server maps. The server vs server warfare is perhaps the best part of this new game. You can get buffs for your server and rewards for yourself. It also has a top-down strategy system in which you can bring siege beasts and supplies to shore up your defenses. As a result it can be very hard to dislodge someone. Some of the PvE is also quite good in this game, although as usual the PvP is the real draw.

Guild Wars 2 Preview Underwater

Other Good News on Customization

Customization is also quite useful. I wanted to be a bald engineer, but you can also get a tattooed Norn woman who is absolutely massive. Overall the game has some excellent options for your character. Guilds can be registered and actually do something this time around. You can give significant boosts to your guild as a whole by using the prestige they have required. As a result, having a guild is a significantly useful thing for all those involved. You can also get experience boosts, guild vaults and much more to help your group.

The Nerd Age Guild

We will be having a guild when the game goes full swing. Let us know if you would like to join in our contact field below. We hope to have regular play among the fans. Of course anyone is free to join. Be sure to keep your eye on their main site as well.

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